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I'm an author, photographer, and freelance journalist based just north of Boston, Massachusetts. I have been writing on music since 2006 and in 2016, my career took an amazing turn when I self-published my first poetry and photography collection titled Leave Everything. Before then, I had only ever written on assignment. I had journals full of poems but couldn't find the courage to put them out into the world. You can imagine my surprise when Leave Everything reached #11 in Poetry by Women at Amazon!


From an early age, I dreamed of writing stories that readers would fall in love with. I found my niche in vignette-writing and later, in poetry. I'll never forget reading one of my first reviews, which characterized my work as teetering on the "razor's edge of reason and passion." Because writing had always been my happy place, it was exciting to see readers connect so deeply with it.

In 2020, I released Whirling Into Flame and during this time, became regularly published on Medium, SpillWords Press, and also began contributing to Elephant Journal. I was thrilled when my interview received Spillwords' Publication of the Month award and over-the-moon when I was named Author of the Month in August of the following year!

When not writing, I can be found teaching 21st century skills, media literacy, literary appreciation, and also trying to inspire a love of writing. I try my hardest to stay connected to the arts in everything I do and am always open to contributing my writing and editing skills to any publication that will have me.

Thanks to all of you for your support. Poetry is so incredibly personal and therapeutic, so it means the world to me.

All the best,


September 2022