Come - let's melt the color from the roses.











Julia R. DeStefano hails from Boston, Massachusetts. A confessional poet, she captures moments to preserve them in the glistening amber of language, and pens Paradise into existence through powerful verse.


   Julia is a woman driven by love and healed by intimacy who uses imagery to paint vivid pictures of darkness and sensuality. Her first poetry collection, Leave Everything, was published in 2016 and reached #11 in "Poetry by Women" at Amazon. The collection tells the story of the search for self-love and acceptance through a roller coaster ride of emotional experiences.


   Julia's writing has been hailed as teetering "on the razor's edge of reason and passion." It unapologetically challenges perceptions. Her poem, "The Sands," was chosen as a Featured Post by Medium curators. She is regularly published on SpillWords, and due to readership and popular vote, her Spotlight interview received their "Publication of the Month" award in June 2020.


   Julia believes the most challenging things in life are those that ultimately end up being the most worth it; that to be loved well is to have won at life; and the heart will never, ever lead the head astray.

In the words of acclaimed singer-songwriter David Poe:

“Consider travel and risk, the head and heart, the natural and the supernatural.

Disrupt my Universe / with the curve of a smile,' writes Julia R. DeStefano - and she does.”

Look for this Red Queen atop her throne of books.


© 2020  Julia R. DeStefano

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